Five Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Engineer for Your Project.

A successful construction project requires a team of people with different expertise able to focus on a particular speciality. One highly important area is that of engineering.

Both civil and structural engineers are crucial to ensuring that your building – no matter how small or large scale – is functional, safe, and durable. As most architects or developers would agree, no project should ever start without hiring a reputable and licensed engineer. In working with an engineer that you trust, you will save yourself time, stress, and aggravation for the unforeseen issues that often occur with construction.   

From site planning and coding to structural design and permitting, the role of a quality engineer is invaluable and necessary.

Here are a few key tips when hiring a civil or structural engineer for your next project.


Engineers are vital for the success of any build. With any renovation or construction project, a company’s history and portfolio should be taken into consideration. Perhaps the biggest indicator of the firm’s ability to successfully manage your project lies in its background.

How long has the firm been in business?

What are their areas of concentration?

What do their clients say about their work?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself before hiring an engineer.

No matter the size or complexity of any construction project, an engineering firm’s experience, background, and capabilities should be taken into consideration. Each state requires licenses to be secured by engineers, so ensure that the engineer you hire is a registered professional engineer with familiarity with building codes and laws.  Additionally, the best engineers aren’t just technical specialists, but should also be able to provide other areas of expertise such as project management, design, and documentation.

Request samples of completed buildings and projects, and if you’re able to, speak with other clients they have worked with.

Since 2002, Connolly Engineering has provided comprehensive civil and structural engineering services and consultation for a wide range of projects. As a boutique engineering firm, we have worked on small renovations to new commercial, industrial and residential buildings both in the U.S. and overseas.

Ask any of our clients, and they can attest that while we are a small engineering firm, we provide exceptional service and unparalleled skill. Click here to learn more about us, and view our civil and structural engineering portfolio.



As an extension of experience, should come the ability for your potential engineering firm to possess a wide range of proficiencies. Especially for more complicated projects, does the firm have a particular area of focus? Are they able to handle a wide range of services? It’s crucial to find a firm that can meet the needs for the type of construction you’re planning.

While there are many types of engineering firms out there, perhaps the best thing you can do is to find one that demonstrates versatility. A more comprehensive skill set is more likely to get you the quality outcome you seek.

For example, if you’re looking to secure site plan approval, typically handled by a civil engineer AND also conduct a thorough building evaluation, usually done by a structural engineer, the best course of action would be to hire a firm that does both civil and structural engineering. Likewise, if you’re looking to construct a building in a specific metal, the engineer you work with should be familiar with said material.

A firm with a multifaceted skill set will lead to efficiency from both a time and budget standpoint.

Connolly Engineering is one of the few NYC and Hudson Valley engineering firms in the industry that offers both civil and structural engineering services. Its ability to provide comprehensive knowledge, skills, and expertise across a wide range of engineering needs for nearly any construction project makes them unique.


Challenges can and will happen for nearly every project.  According to one study, 98% of construction projects come in over-budget and 77% of them suffer significant delays.

That said, it’s crucial to find an engineering firm that is flexible and can easily adapt. The long term benefits from both a budget and efficiency standpoint are counting on it.

At Connolly Engineering, flexibility is a part of our DNA. Going into a project, especially in the planning and evaluation phase, you don’t know what will be uncovered on either the land or an existing building.

Take for example several of our recent land inspection projects. What our team thought looked sound on paper, turned out to be completely unsuitable soil below grade. While some engineering firms may not have the qualifications to act quickly on next steps, we are adept at acting immediately. Utilizing the specialized process of deep foundations, for which we are experts, we were able to quickly redesign the foundations so that a stable building could be constructed.

Additionally, we understand that challenges may arise, often at financial expense. Knowing how important it is to stay on budget,  we are extremely skilled at finding alternative solutions. Recently our team was in the process of designing a low rise office building with a steel superstructure. When the steel came in way over budget, we redesigned the building utilizing timber framing. In doing so, we were able to bring the project back to budget.

We can skillfully deal with the unexpected challenges that can arise with construction.



Small engineering firms may not have the bandwidth or breadth of capabilities that larger firms may possess. Quite often small firms do not provide both civil and structural engineering concentrations.

Conversely, client service may be lacking with large companies.

Whether you’re an architect or a developer, you should be discerning about the engineer you choose for your project. With so many options available, you should have the utmost confidence in the team you assemble. Depending on your needs, the firm you select must give you and your project the attention it deserves.

In the same vein, we are also intentional about the clients we work with. We strive to provide the highest level of attention and service, and look to build a solid working foundation based on transparency, communication, and trust. To achieve such goals, we are mindful about the number of projects we work on simultaneously AND those we do business with.

Connolly Engineering is proud to offer boutique, individualized, “mom and pop”-type attention alongside exceptional  engineering knowledge and expertise.

Our portfolio includes all types of commercial and residential buildings, educational facilities, specialty structures, religious buildings, agricultural structures, as well as deep foundation and support of excavation design.


Time management, proper planning, and organization are key when it comes to the success of any construction project.

In choosing the right firm for your project, it’s important to look at how tech savvy they are. 

Like most industries, the development of technology has created specialized engineering software, tools, apps, and systems that have allowed for greater productivity, accuracy, and collaboration.

As leading civil and structural engineers in the New York City and in the greater Hudson Valley area, we utilize the latest finite element modeling software packages such as ADAPT, RISA, and RAM to execute our designs. We know the importance of streamlining the design and development process to ensure that our work is always meticulous and efficient.

We are constantly exploring the innovations happening in our industry. Embracing the technological advancements in the engineering world are extremely important so that our civil and structural engineering team can deliver the most superior and accurate blueprints, schematics, and drafts for our clients and partners.


We understand that choosing the right engineer for your project may feel daunting.

We also understand that new construction and renovations are a big investment. As civil and structural engineers, we take this extremely seriously.

With decades of experience running a boutique engineering firm focused on superior service, we are dedicated and passionate about making sure your vision becomes a reality. With advanced technology,  diverse qualifications, and focused attention on quality work, we can take the civil and/or structural engineering stress out of your next project.

Contact us here today so that we can schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your project needs.