Advantages of Hiring a Local Structural Engineering Firm in the Hudson Valley

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Experienced and knowledgeable structural engineers are foundational to the success of any construction project because they ensure the safety, stability, and durability of the building. 

In hiring a good structural engineering firm, one important factor is its proximity to the construction project. Here are some benefits of working with a local firm:

Knowledge of Local Ordinances & Codes

For construction projects, structural engineers are responsible for adhering to building codes and regulations. Building codes are crucial, as they set the minimum acceptable level of safety for constructed buildings. 

Legally, for every construction project, structural engineers must understand, design, and construct according to these guidelines. While most states and local jurisdictions follow the International Building Code, a system created by the International Code Council, a local firm will be more knowledgeable about any complexities or nuances particular to that area versus one located elsewhere.

Better Project Estimates & Timelines

At the start of a construction project, a structural engineer will determine the budget and timeline. A local structural engineering firm will have a better grasp of overall pricing as opposed to one not familiar with that particular market. 

A firm in the local market will also have a better understanding of complexities that may impact construction costs, which will then influence the timeline and scope of the project. This knowledge will enable the firm to be able to set more realistic expectations for its clients. 

Sticking to the budget is imperative, and a local structural engineer is more set up for success if located close to the construction project.

Familiarity With the Construction Team 

Relationships matter, and when it comes to construction, strong connections will make your building even stronger!

When hiring a structural engineering firm, teamwork, and interpersonal skills are highly important, as they will be doing a lot of collaboration  with architects, contractors, and other interdisciplinary teams, many of which will likely be local. 

As a result, working collaboratively and coordinating as a team to problem solve will be made easier the closer your structural engineer is to the project.

Close Proximity to Make Quick Decisions

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of hiring a local structural engineering firm is their ability to stick to budgets and timelines because they are nearby. Time and money are extremely important when it comes to construction projects of any scope, and structural engineers will make a lot of decisions  in the planning, organizing, and coordination of solutions to challenging issues. 

When and if problems arise (and let’s face it, most construction projects will likely have a few!), a local structural engineering firm can be easily responsive and get to the building site more quickly.

This could result in…

  • Problems solved more efficiently
  • Deadlines met more easily
  • Better team collaboration
  • Deeper knowledge of the overall project and the actual construction 
  • Finishing construction on time and within budget

Hire Connolly Engineering: Local Structural Engineering Firm in the Hudson Valley and New York City

If you’re looking to hire a local structural engineering firm in the Hudson Valley or New York City areas, check out Connolly Engineering

A renowned and trusted firm, Connolly Engineering has over three decades of experience and longstanding relationships with people and companies in the commercial, industrial, and residential construction spaces in the Hudson Valley, New York City, and beyond. Owner and founder, Daniel Connolly and his team will ensure that your project and the planning and building process are handled as efficiently as possible, adhering to timelines and budget along the way. 

“Our roots, specifically in the Hudson Valley construction industry run so deep, that our team has worked on virtually every type of project with all the major players in the area. Our relationships and expertise are unmatched locally, and make us more prepared to manage the planning process and respond to any challenges that might arise on-site,” said Dan.

The success of your Hudson Valley or NYC construction project depends on hiring a local structural engineering firm you can count on. That firm is Connolly Engineering!

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