Existing structures require evaluations to determine their integrity, strength, and deficiencies (if any). These evaluations tell inspectors, property managers, and building owners whether or not a building meets regulations and building code requirements.  Building assessments are necessary to ensure public safety.  

Building condition assessments evaluate things such as:

  • Inadequate strength of building materials
  • Construction deficiencies
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Improper design
  • Structure overloading  
  • Settlement
  • The structural impact from external impact such as trees, vehicles, etc.
  • Flooding, leaking, and moisture issues

Connolly Engineering provides comprehensive structural engineering evaluation services throughout the Tri-state area. Known in the industry for their high level of expertise and attention to detail, Connolly Engineering will ensure that your structure is in code compliant condition to keep the public and its inhabitants safe. 

The team uses a wide variety of advanced methods when evaluating a building, focusing on non-destructive testing methods to be as efficient and discreet as possible.

Contact Connolly Engineering today to ensure that your building remains sound and strong in the days to come.