A strong foundation is critical to the strength and durability of any building, and sometimes action must be taken to ensure its integrity.

Underpinning is one process of deep foundation used to provide additional support to a structure. Through underpinning, a new foundation is installed under an existing one.

A few reasons why underpinning may be necessary include:

  • The foundation is deficient and/or failing
  • The use of a building has changed from its original intent
  • Additional floors are being added to upper stories
  • More depth is desired or needed for subsurface spaces
  • The structure has shifted or changed due to a natural disaster 
  • The soil supporting the foundation has either changed due to moisture or damage OR the soil properties were misunderstood during the original design and construction of the foundation 

Underpinning is an in-depth process and typically must be done in controlled stages also known as pins to avoid abrupt disruption to the existing foundation. It requires complete precision and mastery when it comes to codes, structural properties, calculations, underpinning operations. 

Connolly Engineering has decades of experience in underpinning throughout NYC and the Hudson Valley Area. We have a reputation for professionalism, skill, and leadership when it comes to all processes of deep foundation. 

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